OEA & the Coalition for the Common Good


Recently OEA joined a new coalition that is calling itself the Coalition for the Common Good (CCG).  This coalition is made up of business partners, unions and community organizations dedicated to increasing school funding through additional revenue.  The two largest corporations,  Nike and Russell Development, join OEA, AFSCME and SEIU.  While large corporations are not OEA’s usual partners in such conversations, we are willing to sit down with any corporation or organization who is willing to have a revenue conversation and adhere to the following principles:

  1. We are committed to raising significant revenue.  This means Billions, not millions.
  2. Any revenue conversations must center around a progressive structure which does not negatively impact working people.
  3. Additional revenue may not be tied to reducing pay or benefits (including PERS) of educators or other public employees.
  4. Funds raised through increased revenue must be directed towards public education and the programs we believe serve Oregon public school students.

OEA reserves the right to walk away from any conversation that does not meet these principles, and we haven’t signed on to any proposals.  We are, as always, dedicated to fully funding public education and believe that the Governor’s plan to raise an additional $2 billion in revenue is a good start towards this goal.  It is now incumbent upon the legislature to courageously propose a revenue plan that is right for Oregon.  We stand ready to be a part of the revenue conversation on any level, and we are definitely ready to stand up for Oregon students!

OEA President, John Larson


More information about the Coalition for the Common Good and OEA’s participation:


More information about what’s happening in our legislature with education funding:




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