On June 27, 2018, the Supreme Court ruled on the Janus vs. AFSCME case.  This case ruling sets a precedent for all unions across the United States.  The ruling affects union membership and more specifically what is known as the “agency fee”, or what many refer to as Fair Share.  After the Janus ruling, the agency fee is can no longer be a requirement and cannot be legally enforced.

Union membership has never been a requirement or condition of employment.  Eligible members have the right to decline union membership; however, they are assessed an agency fee, a certain percentage of union dues, in order to cover the cost of bargaining, contract protection, and representation for conflict resolution or contract violations.  Union members on the executive council and building representatives put in time and effort outside district contracts to assist members and give all members a voice.  This representation, in turn, provides a united voice for our members that is taken to the bargaining table and to the district administration to help create positive working conditions for staff and better educational environments for our students.  Union membership and the resulting representation are intended to benefit our employees, our students, and our community.

For the last two years, organizations like the Freedom Foundation have been spreading false information about union membership in anticipation for this monumental ruling.  The intent is to weaken unions and consequently weaken the voices of union members.  What the Freedom Foundation doesn’t accept is how fiercely teachers are willing to protect students and the education of our youth.  These organizations working to weaken unions are counting on members to sell their voices at the cost of union dues.  Unions all across the nation are proving these union breakers wrong, and members know now, more than ever, that a voice for education and the future is worth it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact REA with questions or concerns regarding your membership.  We’re here to help YOU!

Read the Full Ruling Here:


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