Redmond School District 2J Calendar for the 2018-19 School Year:



Redmond School District 2J Board Policies:


Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Redmond School District 2J:

Contract (aka “CBA”) – Collective Bargaining Agreement 2015-19


Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs):

2018.10.11 MOU Specialist Differential

2018.10.2 Elementary Teacher Serving as Substitute

2018.8.27 Tumalo Pre-K MOU

2017.12.18 Drama Coach Stipend Adjustment

2017.10.6 MOU on Reclassification of Head Cheer Coach

2017.9.19 MOU REA on Re-Opened FInancial CBA Items 2017-2018 and 2018-2019

2016.9.26 CTE-Salary-Placement-and-Advancement


Salary Schedules for Redmond School District 2J:

PERS Eligible Certified Staff: Licensed-1819-Salary-Schedule-PERS-Eligible

PERS Non-Eligible Certified Staff: Licensed-1819-Salary-Schedule-NO-PERS

  • New First Year Teachers receive “NO PERS” Salary for the first 6 months of their contract due to the PERS eligibility waiting period. After 6 months, teachers begin paying 6% to PERS, and their salary is adjusted to the PERS Eligible schedule to accommodate the 6% contribution.

PERS Eligible Extra Duty: 18-19-Extra-Duty-Salary-Schedule-with-PERS

PERS Non-Eligible Extra Duty: 18-19-Extra-Duty-Salary-Schedule-NO-PERS