About REA

United for Quality Public Education

What does your local union accomplish with your dues?

The Redmond Education Association is the local teachers’ union, supporting approximately 400 certified staff in the Redmond School District.  Your union dollars support all members with the negotiation of our collective bargaining agreement (your contract), the advocacy of your employee rights and good working conditions, and the representation of each member’s voice.    

What has your union done for members recently?

In addition to day-to-day advocacy, REA is proud of these accomplishments for our members:

    • Negotiated protections for staff during COVID
    • Additional COVID related sick leave for member and family
    • Protections for staff underlying health conditions
    • Have supported staff who have been falsely accused by students
    • Have negotiated additional time for staff to complete extra req’d tasks
    • We worked to ensure competitive salary for positions such as nurses and CTE by including years of experience in the field to determine salary placement
    • Successful passing of the Student Success Act in 2019 which brings billions of dollars to education in the State of Oregon
    • Restored insurance benefits previously lost (double-coverage & opt-out stipend)
    • Restored Tuition Reimbursement starting in the 2020-21 contract year
    • 3.25 % COLA for 2019-2020 and 4% COLA for 2020-2021
    • Protected prep time, even for our K-5 educators
    • Bargained MOUs for Comprehensive Distance Learning and Hybrid teaching

How can you make sure your voice is heard?

Contact one of your building’s union representatives (turn over for list), who will then share your concerns at REA meetings.  Your representatives are making sure your voice is heard! Your local union meets once a month (virtually for now). Access the REA web site and submit your concerns or comments using the contact form. www.redmondea.org. You must be a due-paying member to register for the Members Only exclusive content on the web site. 

Your union membership means a lot to us!  Together we are a strong force for good, not only for our members, but also for our students.  

Thank you for being a member!

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