ICYMI: Redmond School District Agrees to Renew RPA’s Contract

At the March 6th school board meeting, the board approved a 10-year renewal of the Redmond Proficiency Academy’s charter.  They have previously had five-year charters.  The board agreed to a 10 year charter this time.

Where it has had an impact on Redmond School District teachers is the funding piece.  The district is obligated by the state to pay 80% of the ADM for the RPA middle school; yet, the district chooses to pay 95% (which amounts to almost $300,000 per year).  It’s difficult to know that while we are being asked to accept a cuts budget for next year, the district believes it’s acceptable to allow almost $300,000 go to support the RPA rather than its own teachers and students.

Red For Ed at the State Capitol



Today, six of us (Barry Branaugh, Katie Ardt, Kriss Whipple, Jared Young, Jamie Gregory, and Kelly Mullins) went to Salem to encourage our legislature to push for adequate funding.  Jamie and Kelly were part of the entertainment playing on the steps, and 4,000 to 5,000 people marched in support of education.  As the six of us gave up nine hours of our day off to do this, we are asking that you give up fifteen minutes of yours.

We want every REA member to email both your state Representative and your state Senator to tell them how important adequate funding is to YOU!  Simply tell them a story of the impact the lack of funding has had for YOU.  Large class sizes? Classroom clears?  Lack of mental health services?  Lack of elementary P.E., art, music?  Limited CTE opportunities?  WHAT HAS IMPACTED YOU?

Simply click this link: Find your legislator and you will get emails for both your Representative and Senator.  Send them a message!  Remember, this is the BEGINNING of this process.  Only continued pressure will result in favorable outcomes.  Please complete this task by Monday.

A Crisis of Disrupted Learning

Originally Posted on OEA’s Website on January 25, 2019.

The Oregon Education Association has publicly released its report on disrupted learning in Oregon.  Please see the report, “A Crisis of Disrupted Learning.”

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Do you have experience with disrupted learning in your classroom?  Please share your story with OEA, and fill out the Featured Educator of the Day Google Document.  See our previous blog post Share Your Story for more information!