May 8 – Day of Action

Redmond School District Employees are invited to engage in the “Day of Action” on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

The “Day of Action” is an idea adopted by education supporters across our state. The intent is to have a unified voice stating the importance of public education and the need to fund it appropriately. The expectations that are placed on our public education system are many and our support in this effort sends a message that our great state must begin to fund the outcomes that our students deserve.

The administration at each of your buildings support the effort and many will be joining by wearing red and accompanying students as they leave the building. 

Each building will determine when to begin their march at the conclusion of the student contact day. Again, make sure all supervisory duties are completed/covered before beginning.

RSD Team Members:  Please consider wearing red to show your support for the “Red for Ed” campaign in support of public education. Please join members of your school team in a march near your school site.

The Redmond Education Association is working on obtaining signs and a plan for the logistics of the march. Please stay tuned for additional communication on how you can support these efforts. We will have specific plans and materials available next week.

We look forward to participating in sharing a powerful message to our state leadership!


REA leadership — Barry Branaugh, Carrie Brumbach, Jeff Bowman, Sarah Cochran, and Tony Brown

RSD leadership — Superintendent Mike McIntosh


Photo:  RSD Superintendent, Mike McIntosh, and REA Transitional Leadership Director, Barry Branaugh. Credit: Mandy Felton.

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