REA Exec. Board Endorses Liz Goodrich for School Board Position 5

On behalf of the Redmond Education Association, the REA Executive Board endorses Liz Goodrich for Redmond School District Board Position 5.

Here is Liz’s story, courtesy of CROWDPAC:

Passionate About Education and Committed to Community

“Education runs in my family. As the daughter of a teacher, the spouse of a teacher, and as a former high school teacher myself, I believe that strong public schools are the foundation of strong communities. Redmond is growing and now is the time to prepare our school district. I would be honored to use my experience and passion to help continue to make Redmond schools the best they can be.

“As a Central Oregonian since 1978 and a long-time resident of Redmond, I am committed to education in our community. I’ve worked for the Deschutes Public Library for 17 years as an Adult Programs Coordinator, organizing learning opportunities with programs that provide lifelong education.

“This June, I am proud to say that my youngest son will graduate from Redmond High, having attended K-12 in Redmond School District. Our family’s experience has been exceptional and I want to ensure that other students have the same opportunities.

“I believe that students deserve schools that challenge them, parents deserve schools that nurture their children, and teachers and staff deserve respect and opportunities to develop their skills. Our community deserves an engaged board that is in touch with the issues facing our region. As a school board member, I will prioritize planning for growth, exercising fiscal responsibility, supporting staff, and ensuring quality and equitable education for all students.”  

Liz Goodrich’s Priorities

  • Quality and equitable education for all students
  • Engagement with our community
  • Prudent fiscal responsibility
  • Preparing for growth

May 8 – Day of Action

Redmond School District Employees are invited to engage in the “Day of Action” on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

The “Day of Action” is an idea adopted by education supporters across our state. The intent is to have a unified voice stating the importance of public education and the need to fund it appropriately. The expectations that are placed on our public education system are many and our support in this effort sends a message that our great state must begin to fund the outcomes that our students deserve.

The administration at each of your buildings support the effort and many will be joining by wearing red and accompanying students as they leave the building. 

Each building will determine when to begin their march at the conclusion of the student contact day. Again, make sure all supervisory duties are completed/covered before beginning.

RSD Team Members:  Please consider wearing red to show your support for the “Red for Ed” campaign in support of public education. Please join members of your school team in a march near your school site.

The Redmond Education Association is working on obtaining signs and a plan for the logistics of the march. Please stay tuned for additional communication on how you can support these efforts. We will have specific plans and materials available next week.

We look forward to participating in sharing a powerful message to our state leadership!


REA leadership — Barry Branaugh, Carrie Brumbach, Jeff Bowman, Sarah Cochran, and Tony Brown

RSD leadership — Superintendent Mike McIntosh


Photo:  RSD Superintendent, Mike McIntosh, and REA Transitional Leadership Director, Barry Branaugh. Credit: Mandy Felton.

How will Governor Brown’s proposal affect you?


Hello Fellow REA Members,

As you can read about in the post below this one, on Friday last week, Governor Brown laid out a proposal to hold in check the rates school districts pay into PERS.  You can read about those ideas by clicking the link in OEA President John Larson’s email below.

It is critical that you reach out to your legislators and Governor Brown immediately to let them know your opposition to this plan.  A link to do that is also in John’s email below.  It takes less than one minute to send the generic email; literally.  In our phone call with John Larson last night, we heard some good talking points when emailing your Governor and legislators to be more effective in your messaging.

  • Modify the generic email and share with them how this personally affects you (easy to do with the estimators linked below).
  • Make the point that all other states are investing in education, and many are increasing teacher compensation.  Double-down by emphasizing that we’d be the only state in the country right now that would be reducing teacher compensation.
  • Remind them that the PERS “problem” is a 20-year problem that already has a 16-year solution (it is projected by PERS to be fully funded once again around 2035).
  • Share with them how much you already give above and beyond – be it additional hours or money spent on classroom supplies. Make sure they understand just how much you already give.


One of the main reasons for this post is to give you a quick estimate of how this proposal could affect you.  Click on which tier you are below to see how much the contributions you put into your IAP would be reduced by next year.  Once you open the Google Sheet, you will need to:

1)      Make a copy for yourself.

2)      Only enter your expected salary for 2019-2020 and hit enter (this is the ONLY typing you should do on this sheet) – I have linked our current salary schedule for your reference on the Google Sheet.

3)      The red box will be the amount that your contribution would decrease for 2019-2020 once you enter your salary in the yellow box.

Tier 1 and 2 Members click here.

OPSRP Members click here.

I am working on a more detailed version of the sheets to help you get a better idea of how this could affect your IAP balance at the time of your retirement.  Stay tuned, and I will email you when it is available on this site.

Thanks for all you do for our community.

Tony Brown, REA Director of Finance